Watchmaking On the Road

Discover what makes your watch tick, with a hands-on course taught by the Horological Society of New York's staff of professional watchmakers. Students will work on a mechanical watch movement, studying the gear train, winding and setting mechanisms and escapement. This four hour course covers everything our four individual courses cover during our NYC classes. Sign up for our newsletter to be notified of where our traveling education classes will be next!

  • September, 2016: Miami, Florida (Hosted by F.P. Journe)
  • October, 2016: San Francisco, California
  • November, 2016: Los Angeles, California (Hosted by F.P. Journe)
  • February, 2017:
    • Chicago, Illinois (Hosted by Oak & Oscar)
    • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    • Seattle, Washington
  • March, 2017: Silicon Valley, California (Hosted by Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry)
  • April, 2017:
    • Washington, D.C.
    • Boston, Massachusetts

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HSNY's Horological Education classes are free for all high school students, please contact HSNY for more information. If you cannot afford the class fees, please contact HSNY for scholarship opportunities. By participating in HSNY's Horological Education classes, you agree to release HSNY from any and all liabilities that may arise, and agree that you may be photographed and / or video recorded.