A Note From Our President

President: Edwin M. Hydeman

President: Edwin M. Hydeman

As we near our 150th anniversary, let us take a moment to consider our society’s membership.

Traditionally, the Horological Society of New York has been comprised of practicing watch and clock makers. Today we welcome all members of the watchmaking industry, including executives, journalists, technicians and sales people. In addition, we are welcoming those outside of the industry with an interest in timepieces.

Please join us as we continue our horological tradition spanning three centuries.

Edwin M. Hydeman III
President, Horological Society of New York

Upcoming Meetings

Dale Sutton: The Evolution of Watch Cleaning Machines
November 3, 2014, 7:30pm
Dale Sutton has been collecting antique pocket watches for more than 20 years and is active in NAWCC and AWCI. In addition, Mr. Sutton is President of the Cherry Hill Chapter of NAWCC and on the Board of the Watchmaker’s Association of New Jersey. Mr. Sutton is also a Life Member of AWCI, and has been in the repair business of fixing timing and cleaning machines for 18 years. Four years ago he purchased the remnants of Vibrograf USA and formed Time Machine Repair LLC along with his son and daughter. Mr. Sutton’s talk is on the ‘Evolution of Watch Cleaning Machines’

Annual Holiday Social
December 1, 2014